Saturday, January 30, 2010

News about Things

things are good, as it turns out! just moved to philadelphia, which is a wonderful city, and now when i visit brooklyn i find myself hating it much less, so win/win. once i'm there for more than a couple days i start to get a little edgy. case in point, today, i woke up on pat's couch with a hint of the old brooklyn anxiety creeping back in to my bones. luckily i found rachel and enjoyed a miraculous omelette at the manhattan inn. after that i feel the pull of the jersey turnpike and i'm on my way home. just north of philly it begins to snow. i love my new home.

the trip was most productive, and this is where the news comes in. we finished mixing the songs for the Completely Fucked! 7" and they sound amazing! Kutch did a really cool job, and we're all pleased as punch. The record will be coming out in a few months on Heart Break Beat Records, which is totally awesome. you can check out the b-side, "Chainsaw," on our myspace.

in other Little Gold news, we will be releasing a cassette called "I'm What's Wrong With This Country" via the very cool Security Blanket Records outta Louisville. the tape will have some songs from the On the Knife sessions, as well as some weirder shit and a cover or two. coming out in the spring as well, hopefully in time for the Eurotour.

Speaking of the Eurotour, it's almost fully booked! just waiting on a couple dates. This is mindblowingly exciting for all three of us, who are feverishly working on our Hot New Look, to be debuted in Berlin.

please enjoy the following tour dates:

15.04.2010 GER - Berlin / schokoladen
16.04.2010 GER - Hamburg TBC - confirmed
17.04.2010 S - Gothenborg/ Pusterviksbaren (club Woody West)
18.04.2010 S - Stockholm/ TBC
19.04.2010 S - Malmö/ TBC
20.04.2010 DK - Kopenhagen/ Lades Kaleder (w/ the pharmacy)
21.04.2010 NL - Utrecht/ Acu
22.04.2010 GER - Bremen confirmed
23.04.2010 GER - Koeln/ Limes (w/ glass)
24.04.2010 GER - Mühlheim
25.04.2010 GER - Freiburg / KTS
26.04.2010 F - Paris or Strasbourg
27.04.2010 F - Caen / la place
28.04.2010 F - Lyon / Grrrnd Zero
29.04.2010 I - HELP
30.04.2010 I - Bergamo/ Milano
01.05.2010 I - Florence/ festival